21 de outubro de 2010

A letra aqui:

The world is a very scary place, my dear.
It's hurled and it's twirled through outer space I fear.

So many ways to lose your skin in it.
The number of ways to die is infinite.

The world is a very scary thing, I find.
It curled all my toes and it´s curling my mind.

When I was young my study was candies,
but they attract tarantulas and bees.

Some people act as if there were nothing wrong,
due to the fact they haven't heard this song.

The world is a very scary place to go.
It's whirled and it´s swirled with death-like pace you know.

You may have found my views unorthodox,
but now the wolf is at the door, it knocks?


E a música:

4 comentários:

Borboletas nos Olhos disse...

Pra ficar na pauta: qualquer dia te elejo minha DJ oficial...Bjs

Lija disse...

"The world is a very scary place to go"

HOje estou TÃO sentindo isso...

Leonardo Xavier disse...

Eu não conhecia, parece um misto de The Cure com o Nick Cave

Belos e Malvados disse...

É mesmo, né? Principalmente o jeito como o Nick Cave usa a voz.